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The Charlestown Preservation Society

The Charlestown Preservation Society (CPS) is a community-based organization dedicated to preserving the historic character and architectural heritage of Charlestown, a neighborhood in Boston, Massachusetts. Established in 1967, the society focuses on promoting historical awareness, advocating for the protection of historic structures, and encouraging thoughtful development that respects the area's rich history.

Key Activities and Goals of the Charlestown Preservation Society:

  1.  Historic Preservation: CPS works to safeguard historic buildings, sites, and landscapes in Charlestown. This includes efforts to prevent the demolition of significant structures and advocating for their restoration and adaptive reuse.

  2.  Advocacy: The society engages with local government, developers, and other stakeholders to influence policies and decisions that impact the historic fabric of Charlestown. This includes zoning issues, development proposals, and urban planning initiatives.

  3.  Education and Outreach: CPS provides educational programs, workshops, and tours to raise awareness about the importance of preservation and the history of Charlestown. They aim to engage the community and foster a sense of pride in the neighborhood's heritage.

  4.  Research and Documentation: The organization conducts research on Charlestown's history and architecture, maintaining records and archives that document the neighborhood's evolution. This research supports their preservation efforts and serves as a resource for the community.

  5.  Community Involvement: CPS encourages local residents to participate in preservation efforts and to become members of the society. They host events, meetings, and forums to involve the community in discussions about preservation and development.

  6.  Partnerships: The society collaborates with other preservation organizations, historical societies, and governmental agencies to further its mission. These partnerships help leverage resources and expertise to achieve common goals.

Overall, the Charlestown Preservation Society plays a vital role in maintaining the unique historical and architectural character of Charlestown, ensuring that its legacy is preserved for future generations.

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