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Going with a Green Building; a Lucrative Amenity to Prioritize

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Luxury home buying decisions often come down to the amenities; having a fireplace, fitness center, beachfront, or pool may be the icing on the cake of your dream home. However, one amenity in particular in luxury homes is often overlooked. That is, the measure of its sustainability. 

In addition to the benefit of using fewer limited resources and producing less harmful emissions, green buildings' financial returns are trending upwards. Having a green property increases your asset value by 7-18%. This appreciation is largely because of the high demand and low inventory. The trend has started, but the implementation is still catching up. Additionally, they are on average only 2% more expensive to develop, and reduce 14-19% of operation costs. So needless to say it’s a win win for everyone.

Given this information you may be asking, “how can I tell if the properties I am looking at are green or not?” At Remmes & Co. we like to use the Energy Star Certification and LEED Certification as first measures. 

The Perks of Using an Independent Local Brokerage

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A frequent question our team gets is: should I use a national or independent local brokerage? There are many pros to using a national brokerage and they work for many people. We are focused however on the main perks of using an independent local brokerage. Most notably: their autonomy and knowledge of the local market.

Up first, autonomy in an independent local brokerage means that it has heightened responsiveness and adaptability. Without all encompassing guidelines, they can make additional adjustments to resolve each client’s needs and stay one step ahead. For example, they may have more liberties when tailoring a client’s multi channeled marketing strategy.

Creating Realistic New Year's Resolutions

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Creating New Year's resolutions is a long standing tradition that many consider cliche and can be accompanied by expectations. However, just like shorter term goals, they can be productive when constructed in the right way. The Real Estate business is a prime example of a setting where realistic resolutions can be helpful when you are mindful of the process.





End of 2022 Market Update

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Three main factors drove the Real Estate Market in Boston at the end of 2022: 

Mortgage rates, low inventory, and inflation.

Mortgage rates are turning the corner after climbing above 7% and steadily increasing through 2021. This has had a hand in keeping Boston's housing inventory low, remaining fairly constant with a 6% increase from [...]

Top Five Things to do in Boston for the Holidays

Top Five Things to do in Boston for the Holidays

Thinking of selling or buying the ultimate gift this season? 

Contact Remmes & Company to find your luxury Boston home today!


As New Englanders we have been preparing to celebrate this time of the year and Boston is at the pinnacle of hosting holiday cheer (unfortunately NYC is not in NE). The charming city puts its best foot forward by [...]

Things to do in Boston in September

Things to do in Boston in September

Summer isn't quite over, and there are still plenty of warm days to enjoy our gorgeous city. So soak up these golden days because autumn is just around the corner. To help you make the most of September, here's a list of some awesome activities happening around Boston so you can enjoy the last warm days of [...]

Best Restaurants in Boston's Seaport District

Dining in the Seaport District of Boston

The culinary landscape of the Seaport District is developing quickly in this fast-growing neighborhood. There are legendary seafood shacks you won’t want to miss out on from the 1950s as well as delightful recently opened upscale restaurants tucked away in industrial areas that could be missed if you weren’t seeking them out. The [...]

6 Best Restaurants in Beacon Hill

Dining in Beacon Hill

Beacon Hill is rich in history and rich in food. There are a wide variety of elegant and rustic options to choose from: serving traditional Tuscan dishes, elevated pub delicacies, locally sourced charcuterie, decadent Italian plates, New England dishes, and classic French cuisine. Here are a handful of the best restaurants to enjoy and [...]

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