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A Mortgage Option for Today's Interest Rates


Introducing the Guaranteed Rate Buy Down Program. Who is ready for a rate of 5% or Lower?


Are you ready to buy a home NOW but NOT ready to make mortgage payments at current high interest rates? You aren’t alone! Increased rates means decreased affordability and that can make purchasing your new home seem impossible.


Lucky for you…I have a GREAT solution to get you in the door NOW while home values are in your favor with a payment that works for your wallet! Guaranteed Rate’s unique 2-1 buydown program allows you to lock in at current rates while discounting your PAYMENTS by 2% in the first year and 1% in the second year. This saves you money in the short term while we wait for interest rates to recover.


Here’s an example for a $700,000 purchase with a 10% down payment.



   Years         Effective Rate       Monthly Payment         Monthly Savings         # of Payments          Yearly Savings     
  1   5





  2   6


  $414   12


  3-30   7   $4,191      



Total Buydown Savings:   



The cost of the buydown can be paid for by a seller credit that I will help negotiate for you or you can roll the cost into your new loan. Pretty awesome, right? Here are the next steps to get you into your new home NOW:

  1. Call me so we can update your search parameters.

  2. We will then connect you with Christina Longo Trethewey, from Guaranteed Rate to get pre-approved.

  3. Work with Christina’s team to have your file fully underwritten now so you’re ready to put your best foot forward when it’s time to make an offer.

  4. Work with me to find your dream home!

  5. Close in as quickly as 15 days. *Rates subject to change at any time.



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