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The Perks of Using an Independent Local Brokerage

A frequent question our team gets is: should I use a national or independent local brokerage? There are many pros to using a national brokerage and they work for many people. We are focused however on the main perks of using an independent local brokerage. Most notably: their autonomy and knowledge of the local market.

Up first, autonomy in an independent local brokerage means that it has heightened responsiveness and adaptability. Without all encompassing guidelines, they can make additional adjustments to resolve each client’s needs and stay one step ahead. For example, they may have more liberties when tailoring a client’s multi channeled marketing strategy.

Additionally, independent local brokerages are established in accordance with the local market they serve. In order for one to succeed they need to be proven to adapt to their specific region. In contrast, national brokerages’ guidelines are widely sourced, often resulting in neutral brands, less catered to local markets. This makes independent local brokerages at the top of the line difficult to compete with as they were grown by local understanding.

These perks are optimized when coupled with top of the line technologies and practices that national brokerages employ. Independent local brokerages have access to the same website syndication and can still have their posts featured on websites of the national brokerages. Now that is a recipe for excellence in innovation.  

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