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Creating Realistic New Year's Resolutions

Creating New Year's resolutions is a long standing tradition that many consider cliche and can be accompanied by expectations. However, just like shorter term goals, they can be productive when constructed in the right way. The Real Estate Industry is a prime example of a setting where realistic resolutions can be helpful when you are mindful of the process.

A good order of operations to guide you in this process is: work from why, to how, to what your goals are. For example, in the context of Real Estate this could look like: (why?) in order to make a contribution and have __% more production, (how?) emphasize sustainability and invest in the growth of our team, (what) by highlighting eco friendly developments in Boston and staffing a marketing department. 

By following that progression and starting at the deep level of intrinsic motivation, you remove the outside noise and land on what it is you really want to address. This means that you are more likely to follow through on your goals and be much more satisfied when you do. So get your note pad out and start thinking from the ground up. In order to reap the fruits of your labor you need to nurture a seed that you yourself planted. Otherwise who knows if it will grow or not.

 Is purchasing a home on your list of resolutions? Contact Remmes & Company today to find your luxury Boston home!

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