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Six Tips to Prepare Your Home for Sale

Decluttering Your HomeWith the holiday season behind us, we are fast approaching the hot spring real estate market. This is the time when many properties present their best and buyers are hot on the hunt – particularly in a strong Boston real estate market like we are currently experiencing.

If you’re considering selling your home in the coming months, now is the perfect time to take on some of the projects you have been putting off. You want your property to present its best to attract buyers and get top dollar.

To help you prepare your property for sale, here are six budget-friendly, yet effective improvements that will help you get the best sale price for your home.

#1 Clear the clutter

Remove any extra items that are sitting on surfaces around your home. Clear off your counter, tables and put away unneeded decorations. While you may love your décor, you want to make it easy for potential buyers to visualize their own lives in your home.

#2 De-personalize your space

Before you list your home, you want to pack away any personal photos of your family. This not only helps maintain your privacy but again makes it easier for buyers to visualize how their own possessions will fit in a space.

#3 Time for a fresh coat of paint

It cannot be emphasized enough just how much impact a fresh coat of neutral paint can have on a home. It makes it smell and look newer with minimal investment. Today’s preferred colors are soft whites and light grays. Painting your walls is particularly important if you have décor specific accent walls. Aim to have your whole home a single color scheme before you put it on the market.

#4 Freshen up your outdoor space

You can transform your outdoor space into an outdoor haven to really impress potential buyers. These transformations don’t need to cost a fortune, there are plenty of easy DIY projects that will have a huge impact. Add a small seating area to your balcony, update your lighting, and make sure to power wash your patio. If you have any empty planters, add some new plants for an extra pop of color.

# 5 Clean your carpets…and everything else

Before you put your home on the market, it is essential that you give it a deep clean. If you have carpeting, hire a professional carpet cleaner. They can remove years of stains and often make old carpets feel almost like new.

Along with clean carpets, doing a thorough deep clean of your property will leave your home smelling and feeling fresh. You particularly want to make sure that your kitchens and bathrooms shine. A deep clean can have one of the highest returns on investments of any home improvement.

#6 Stay on top of general maintenance

First impressions matter. When buyers walk through your home, you don’t want them to be taking notice of little projects that they will inherit if they purchase your property. Make sure that your air vents don’t have any built-up dust, the exterior windows have been recently washed, and all appliances are serviced. 

If you’re considering selling your property in the Boston area this spring, your first stop should be selecting a qualified agent to represent your home. I can help get a gauge on where your property sits in the market with a free appraisal and guide you through the process of preparing your property for sale. 

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